Symphony of Chaos: Ideali Tackles Typhoon-Induced Hood Havoc


Because of the nature of our products, we're accustomed to kitchen dramas - even those caused by nature. Though quite rare, we’re as prepared as can be. And a case at The Waterfront, Tsimshatsui, brought a typhoon-sized twist to the table!

Imagine a smooth and slick Siemens LC91KWW60B cooker hood humming along peacefully, like any other day - suddenly something goes a-bust and a serene hum transforms into a kitchen rock concert! Yes, a rock concert. There’s a double meaning, wait for it. 

A call rang out and our technicians were on the scene. Upon investigation, the motor fan blade had shattered into pieces, causing the culinary cacophony. What led to this? Wait for it — a rock. This was during Typhoon Nalgae and the typhoon caused a rogue pebble to fly through the exhaust pipe and wreak havoc. What are the chances?

Now, whatever the cause, if we can fix it, we fix it. And more often than not, we can. After identifying the problem, our team carefully extracted the damaged parts and brought in a new motor fan (depicted by the blue circle in the photo) that was quickly ordered and seamlessly installed. You can see the damaged motor fan circled in red.

This one goes into the record books as a peculiar repair but at the end of the day, we see it as just another problem solved. This is a testament to our ability to navigate through the unexpected. No storm can stop us! At least not yet…