Steamy Situation Sorted: Ideali Saves Mr. Yip's Dinner Plans


At Ideali, we love giving you high-end appliances with state-of-the-art tech - but  we're also here to rescue dinner plans. Case in point – Mr. Yip's Miele DG7240 steamer misadventure at Horizon Mansion, Macdonnell Road.

Mr. Yip’s evening took a turn as he was eagerly preparing a feast only to find his steamer refusing to crank up the heat, leaving his culinary aspirations in the cold. A call to Ideali, and our seasoned technician squad was en route.

We pride ourselves in having the best service people around. Our technicians are like kitchen detectives – they listen, assess, and, with the help of some incriminating photos, they can crack any case. Mr. Yip's steamer woe turned out to be a 'dead red' water pump, an issue quickly identified by our techs.

Here's where the magic happens – our technicians are so well-versed in the appliance field that they had the new water pump in tow before even stepping into Mr. Yip's kitchen. It's like arriving at a party with a perfect gift before the host opens the door.

In just a quick moment, the red water pump was out, the new one was in, and Mr. Yip's dinner plans were back on track. No waiting around for parts to arrive – just a seamless fix, and dinner was served.

Why compromise your dinner plans with appliance issues? Opt for Ideali, where our flexible technicians can play the role of culinary superheroes, rescuing your meals with each repair. Your kitchen deserves excellence, and we're committed to ensuring it remains as smooth as a finely tuned recipe.